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Even if the event is tentative, please contact the Northern Arizona Catering Department so we have you on our calendar. The only information we need to get started is the date of the event.


The location of the event needs to be determined prior to contacting us. When reserving the room, please contact Campus Reservations Office at 928.523.8866.

Room set ups, tables, chairs, and other equipment arrangements must be made by contacting the Campus Reservations Office at the number listed above. A member of the Northern Arizona Catering Office will advise you on the total number of tables needed based on your menu and guest counts. When reserving the room, please allow additional time for set up prior to the start of the event and additional time for clean up following the event.


  • Allow two hours for set up and two hours clean up


  • Allow 1 1/2 hours for set up and one hour for clean up.


  • Allow one hour for set up and clean up.


  • Allow 1 1/2 hours for set up and one hour for clean up.


  • Allow half hour set up and half hour clean up.


Food and beverage orders require a minimum of 5 business days notice. The Catering Department will try to accommodate requests for services within reason, but cannot guarantee service of all short-term events. All catering orders received less than 24 business hours of the event will incur a $25.00 late fee.


After we have received your order, we will email you a confirmation. Carefully review the details on the agreement for accuracy. We will then scan an IDB (Interdepartment billing), which must be signed by the authorized SIGA signer and faxed or scanned back. Unpaid events will be charged to your local account if still open 30 days after event date.


There is no charge for events cancelled at least two business days prior to the event. Cancellations made less than two business days prior to the event will be charged for costs incurred up to that point. Cancellations made the day of the event will incur a charge of 60% of the contracted price. If Northern Arizona University is closed due to inclement weather, all catered events will be automatically cancelled unless notified and we can assist you with rescheduling at a future date.


All catered events must have a secured payment method prior to the function. A signed IDB, Visa /MasterCard, Amex, Discover,  check payable to Sodexo Catering,  Programming funding (application approved) or Dining Dollars are all acceptable methods of payment. Non-University groups are required to make full payment at least 48 hours prior to the event or have credit card on file.


Any requests for changes to the menu items must be made as follows:

  • Changes to weekday events need to be made 3 business days prior to the event.
  • Changes to weekend events need to be made by noon on the Wednesday prior to the event.

These changes are not considered approved until a revised catering agreement is completed and sent to you for approval. The revised catering agreement needs to then be confirmed by you. In the event we are unable to provide you with a particular menu item, we will notify you as soon as we are aware of the situation and make recommendations for substitutions appropriate to your event and budget.


To ensure proper service, final number of guests must be confirmed with the Northern Arizona Catering Department:

  • Weekday events need to be made 3 business days prior to the event.
  • Weekend events need to be in by noon on the Wednesday prior to the event.

Charges will be billed for the guaranteed number you have given unless prior arrangements have been made . If a final guarantee is not confirmed within three days, we will prepare for the estimated number of guests and charge accordingly.


The service of an alcoholic beverage is governed by campus policy and state law. All events on the Northern Arizona University campus at which alcohol will be served must have prior approval through the President’s Office and will be available for a maximum of two hours.

Waiver forms may be obtained from the Campus Services and Activities (University Union Room 111) or call 1.928.523.6026. You are responsible for the purchase and delivery of alcoholic beverages for the event.

Unconsumed alcoholic beverages must be removed at the conclusion of the event. Northern Arizona Catering is not responsible for storage of leftover alcoholic beverages.

Off campus events are governed by the establishment where the event is held. Servers are available to help with alcohol service for $20/hour.


We will be happy to order, receive and handle specific floral and decorative requests for an additional fee determined in accordance with your specific needs.


Continental Breakfasts, Breaks, Receptions, Buffets and Culinary Classics are all priced to include service staff.
The charge for additional service personnel is:

  • Attendants - $20.00/hour
  • Station Chefs (minimum 2 hours) - $25.00/hour



As the host of your event, you are responsible for the equipment we have provided for the service of the event. Any missing equipment or equipment damaged by guests will be charged to your account, at replacement cost.


In the occurrence of a very large event, specialty equipment may need to be rented. We can provide this for you at an additional charge.


Due to food safety regulations food will be removed from the buffet after two hours but not to exceed four hours. Excess food items cannot be taken from the event site according to food safety guidelines. For more information contact the Northern Arizona Catering Department. Items purchased for pick up should be properly stored prior to the event and removed and disposed of by the host of the event.


  • There will be a delivery charge for off-campus events and No Frills events out side the University Union


We do not provide tables but can provide a limited number of cocktail tables with linen for $25 per table. Tables can be arranged when reserving your room. Tablecloths are provided for all food and beverage tables with each food order. Linen for guest (dining) tables is included only with full Culinary Classics. Linen for guest tables for receptions, breaks, boxed lunches, and buffets is available and the following fees apply:

  • Round Table: 90” x 90” Square Tablecloth - $8.00
  • Rectangular Table: Banquet Tablecloth - $8.00


We provide three different options of service ware.

  • Standard disposable: High quality disposable products are standard for all events and menus.
  • China: For an additional service/delivery charge of $2.50 per person, we will provide china service.
  • Compostable: Eco-friendly compostable service ware is available for an additional $1.00 per person*
*Please note - because there is no composting facility on campus, you will have to arrange for the collection and transport of this waste from the event to an appropriate composting location in order to ensure it is composted.


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